Mariachi Orgullo de América is the premier mariachi of the Midwest. Since 2002, Mariachi Orgullo has been honored to represent the Mexican and Latin culture all over this region of the United Sates. Entertaining, educational, and authentic, Mariachi Orgullo de América strives everyday to spread the mariachi tradition to other cultures while, at the same time, keeping the art form alive and well within the Hispanic community. Proud of its diversity and heritage, this musical groups brings the different backgrounds of its members to enrich its performances and to bring perspective to everything it does. That is why this mariachi is known as "Mariachi Pride of America!"

Mariachi Orgullo de America has played for Governor Henry, Governor Fallin, Senator Inhoffe, Bob Stoops, Barry Switzer, Toby Keith, Sherri Coale, Carmen Harra, Jorge Salinas, Lorenzo de Monteclaro, etc. and has performed with the Arkansas Philharmonic and with the Walt Disney’s Official Mariachi, Mariachi Cobre. Mariachi Orgullo has performed in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico.

In 2005, Mariachi Orgullo de America helped to found the first mariachi school programs in Oklahoma with the help of VH1. There are now three schools in Oklahoma with mariachi programs. The Anita Martinez Mariachi Festival took place on February 2016 to benefit the Oklahoma City Public Schools Mariachi programs.  In the summer of 2016, Mariachi Orgullo de America will be hosting mariachi summer school classes with La Academia. For more information, call 405-414-0444 or email

Current Members: Robert Ruiz - vocals, vihuela, and trumpet; Juan Santana Garcia - vocals and guitar; Joel Diaz - vocals and guitar;
Stewart Ottersberg Enriquez - vocal and vihuela; Hector Lopez - guitar and vihuela; Geo Morgan - Guitarron; Kevin Stringfellow - trumpet; Sean Wright - trumpet; Wilmari Ruiz - Flute; Keely Clements - Flute; Maria Belen Ruffin - Violin; Maritza Ruiz - Violin; Gus Waever - Violin; Harriet Martin - Violin; Daniela Lancara - violin; Sarah Reed - violin.


Oklahoma's Mariachi - 2011
Urge Single - 2016
*Proceeds from the single "Urge" will go to benefit the Stephenson Cancer Center Research.

It has been 2 years since director, Robert Ruiz, was was told he was now in remission from his stage IV throat cancer. It was the hardest battle in his life and he reflects on the experience through this interpretation of the classic mariachi song "Urge" made famous by Vicente Fernandez and written by Martin Urieta. He would like to thank all of the people that helped him through this difficult time which are too numerous to count, but especially to his family. Because of them he was never alone. Proceeds from the sale of this single will go to benefit the Stephenson Cancer Center, which is on iTunes, and can be heard on Spotify. Song lyrics in English: With my pain, causing sorrow I wander, there is no phrase of affection for me, they all look at me with contempt and nastiness. My heart, it is tired, so tired of suffering, that often I have listened to him to repeat, these words that fill me with pain. I so desperately need, a person who lulls to sleep me between their arms, whom to tell of my victories and defeats, who understands me and takes away my suffering. I so desperately need, to be woken up with love’s kiss, to be returned the love that they have denied to me, because I too have a right to live. Music video for Urge - Mariachi Orgullo de América (Cover of Vicente Fernandez) performed by Mariachi Orgullo de América. Copyright (C) 2016 Énye Music.