1. What uniform color options do you have? 
Currently we have blue uniforms with pink moños. 
2. Can we request a different moño color?
Yes, you can choose a color (depends on what is available to purchase). The fee is $200 and needs to have sufficient time for us to order them. 
3. Why Blue Uniforms?
We chose the color blue, because we are consider "Oklahoma's Mariachi" and blue represents the state of Oklahoma.
4. Do you plan to get new uniforms in the future?
Yes, we plan to update our uniforms within the next year or so and they will be a different color as well. The color scheme is still being decided. 
5. Do you have hats?
No, we do not have hats at this time.
6.  Do you have woman in your group?
Yes, currently the group is about half men and half woman. 
7. Do you have female lead singers?
Not at this time. 
8. What instruments make up the mariachi?
We have violins, trumpets, vihuela, guitarron, guitar, and flute.
9. How many people come to the gigs?
We bring at least 8 people to full mariachi gigs, sometimes a couple more if they are available. We guarantee 8 for full group performances. In our slower season, we will have an option available for 5 people.
10. Can your musicians read music?
Yes, our band is made up of professional musicians who have studied their instruments. They can read sheet music; therefore, we can play most requested pieces. 
11. Can we request songs?
Yes, you can request songs. We have about 350 songs in our repertoire. If we happen to not have the song you want in our current rep. list, if there is enough time, we can try to arrange it to perform at your event. Please limit 1 new requested piece per event. 
12. What is your repertoire list?
Please see the link at the top for our current rep. list.
13. Do you do masses?
Yes, we do all the parts of the Catholic mass for both quinceañeras and weddings. Please review the rep. list for the specific list of songs.
14. Is the fee the same for the masses?
Yes, we charge 1 hour fee for the mass. The mass may go a little over but that is still considered part of the hour contract. 
15. How do you charge?
We charge per the hour and have a minimum of 1 hour for the OKC area. Outside of the metro, we have a different minimum of hours requirement plus travel. Please contact us using the booking page to get a specific quote and check availability or text 405-473-6441 or email wruiz@enye.net.
16. How far in advance do you need to book?
As soon as possible, we get many calls a day and get bookings even a year in advance. However, occasionally we still have openings even for the weekend coming up.
17. Do I need to do a deposit? How do we reserve?
Contact us to check availability and get pricing for your specific event. We ask for 25% deposit with the contract to reserve the date and the balance can be paid that day. 
18. Will you cancel our event if someone offers you a better deal?
No, we always honor our contracts. It is a first come first served honor system. 
19. If I need to cancel, can I get my deposit back?
Unfortunately with the volume of request we get, we can not give deposits back. 
20. Can I pay my balance ahead of time?
Yes, you can pay part or in full in advance. 
21. What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept: cash, check made to: Enye Music Groups, or visit the accounting tab at the top of this page to go to our credit card processing page. 
22. What type of events do you do?
We perform all types of events including but not limited to corporate events, private parties at houses, weddings, quinceañeras, baptisms, funerals, masses, birthday parties, graduations parties, special days such as mother's day, father's day, holiday events, festivals, themed parties, commercials, backing artists, audio tracks, etc. 
22. Can you accompany other singers?
Yes, we have accompanied major artists, we will need to know the artist rep list and the key they sing the songs and versions. 
23. I'm not a major artist, can I still sing with you 1 or 2 songs at the event? 
Yes, many people come up and sing with us 1 or 2 songs. Just let us know the key and we will accompany you as best as possible at the performance. A rehearsal before hand is not necessary. 
24. Can you come to a rehearsal or site visit before the event?
Because our time is pretty limited, we do not do rehearsals and site visits. Most cases this is not necessary anyway. 
25. How long have you been playing together?
We have been performing now for over 17 years. 

This is a short list of the most common questions we have gotten throughout the years, we'd be happy to answer any other questions you may have.